Porsche Pro

Los Angeles, CA

The role of the Porsche Pro is to be the brand ambassador and product and technical expert in this team; able to assist guests with their enquiry and providing answers to their questions about vehicles, technology and the brand. You will be trained to give information about purchasing options and to provide detailed explanations about value added products. You will present cars to guests and support test drives, so you will need to have a full driving license. This is a guest centric role supporting the wider team.


Qualifications for a Porsche Pro: 

  • Digital focus / computer literacy
    • Demonstrate mastery in communication through a wide array of of digital tools & platforms and competency with Microsoft programs (Excel, SharePoint, Outlook, Word etc.) and keen to learn about new technologies.
  • Inquisitive with a thirst for knowledge
    • Keen to keep updated - and is capable of absorbing / retaining information - about vehicles, technology, accessories and value added products
  • Self-disciplined
    • Is sufficiently self-disciplined to make productive use of ‘down time’ to further their product knowledge without direction
  • Personal Organization
    • Highly disciplined approach, working efficiently to meet the needs of guests, sometimes dealing with multiple guests simultaneously.
  • Positivity
    • Has a positive disposition with a genuine desire to help people
  • Communication skills
    • Has a warm and friendly manner, able to engage with guests and build rapport in a face to face setting quickly and easily. Is able to explain products, complex technologies and concepts simply, clearly and with confidence
  • .Team Performance focus
    • Works hard to support the wider team in the achievement of their objectives
  • .Guest Focus
    • Ensures the highest level of guest satisfaction is delivered
  • Professional team working
    • Develops supportive, productive relationships with partners in the business. Embraces their role in supporting the team achieve their objectives

Also Must Possess:

  • A warm, friendly and professional manner
  • Able to engage with customers and build rapport in both a face to face setting quickly and easily
  • A genuine desire to help people and a thirst for knowledge – constantly seeking out ways to improve vehicle/product knowledge to educate confidently and clearly
  • Background in customer service, retail or automotive